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Audience was a self-initiated project based on the 2 screen experience common today among TV viewers.

This project allowed me to explore ways of designing for communication amongst friends whilst viewing live TV or content-on-demand.

One of the goals was to encourage real-time discussion, engagement and social interaction around content.

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Designing the app to be relevant for both live TV and content on demand required flexibility within the user journey.

Indicators showing how many of your friends were watching a show encourage the user to join in the conversation surrounding it.

Including the timestamp within the friends bar also allows the user to choose whether to jump into a chat or if they’ll start watching something themselves.

Including reviews by friends also gives the user another layer of community around a title.

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Overall this was a challenging and rewarding design project allowing me to explore the user experience and interaction surrounding a social viewing platform.

Moving from user flows through to HD mockups allowed for insights into the viability of a platform like this.


Art Direction, Graphic Design, UX/UI Design

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