Concept Store

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The self-initiated brief for Concept Store was to design a modern, simple and attractive e-commerce site that worked seamlessly across multiple devices.

Strong product imagery was a core goal of this project, to ensure users were presented with products in an attractive way. With the ultimate goal of converting hits to sales, large product photography tiles guide users seamlessly towards specialised product pages.

This was an enjoyable project with challenges stemming from how to differentiate from competitors whilst also following best practices in the e-commerce industry. Adding a prominent ‘Pair With’ section allows cross promotion of further products on the site and guides users towards complimentary items with the goal of increasing the average sale.

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concept store logo-01.png
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I was pleased with the outcome of this project as it allowed me to spend time exploring ways of simplifying the online shopping experience and arriving at a design style that made for an attractive e-commerce template.


Art Direction, Graphic Design, UI/UX Design

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