RS19 Research Boards-01.png

I was approached by a client to research and design a collection for a possible new direction for their brand.

The brief was to produce a small capsule collection based on my own research into what would speak to their customer.  

RS19 Research Boards_Outerwear.png
RS19 Research Boards_Vests.png
RS19 Research Boards_Jackets.png
RS19 Research Boards_Hoods.png
RS19 Research Boards_Hoods.png
RS19 Research Boards_Tees.png
RS19 Research Boards_Bags.png
RS19 Research Boards_Graphics.png
RS19 Research Boards_Prints.png

This was a really interesting project due to it being a really open brief, but that threw up different challenges in that it required me to narrow the brief through research into the trends that would appeal to the customer.

RS19 Longline Puffa-02.png
RS19 Longline Puffa-04.png
RS19 Longline Puffa-01.png
RS19 Utility Vest-01.png
RS19 Nylon Windbreaker-01.png
RS19 Oversize Hood-01.png
RS19 Nylon Jogger-01.png
RS19 Drop Shoulder Tee-01.png

Presenting the capsule collection went over really well, the client was really interested in the direction I had taken the project and really focused on on the streetwear aspect of the research. By focusing future collections in this direction, the client felt that it would help to refresh their offering.

Trend Direction, Art Direction, Design.